Workplace Worksafe partnered with Siemens Gamesa to provide an innovative health and safety solution to a problem that was costing the company considerable amounts of money each year.

The North Wales-based business, led by entrepreneur Rhian Parry, developed the Deltasafe critical component bag with the specific task of transporting safely the

Delta Module inverters used on Siemens Gamesa offshore and onshore wind farms.

Siemens Gamesa subsequently introduced a new inverter for the newer models of their turbines, with Workplace Worksafe being asked to help with the transportation solution due to the success of the Deltasafe bag. This led to the company developing a new critical component bag for the company called Sitsafe.

Rhian said: “Utilising our extensive knowledge of health and safety legislation, and by looking at the problem in a unique way, we came up with a solution that protects products like we would people.

“The solution is really innovative and simple, but a great demonstration of how logical health and safety solutions can bring huge benefits to the user, not only in actual use, but in cost saving benefits.

“Even more important, it makes the job a lot easier and safer to do because we have removed a lot of risk involved with the task.”